Well, it didn’t have to be that way. But because it was, all of this is now possible.

“You are one of the lucky ones. Our team recovered your body while looking for someone else. So, now that we have brought you back to the land of the living as it were. The small matter of our fee…”

The rodent faced man rings his hands and sucks his teeth “thk thk thk.” The whine of his voice is almost unbearable to your awakening senses. That is when you notice you are strapped down. Two others are measuring you all over and taking notes in some kind of logbook. They share the man’s general features and demeanor, and with each notation can be heard a pondering ‘hmm yes,’ or ‘oh dear,’ or ‘ah I see.’

As he continues you find yourself unable to speak. “As soon as we finish with registration, you will be escorted to your suite. I am sure the accommodation we have arranged will more than meet your needs. Therein you shall find clothing befitting your new vocation, and equipment suited to your talents. The league has assigned a pair of aides to your account and they will answer most questions regarding your situation. I am Rura Drindar the lead physician for this facility, and it is by my error you are now alive. I do hope letting you stay that way isn’t also an error.”

The three of them look to each other and nod in unison. The restraints are loosed and you are helped to your feet, still unable to move by your own power.
Your next memory is that of a comfortable bed in a spartan room. Your gear laid out on a wall and labeled in multiple languages; the void of each item as it is removed is marked with the item’s function and value.

League of eXtenuating Circumstances